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Dear Organic Grower,

You know that there are many ways to grow food organically. And you also know that most of those growing systems require a huge investment of time, money, materials and labor, especially if the land on which food is to be grown is of low quality - 'marginal land'. For this reason, most people don't even attempt to grow food on marginal lands. (see video for more details.)

And therein lies a huge, undeveloped opportunity and resource. There are thousands of square miles of potential farmland lying idle, growing weeds, simply because it is considered 'uneconomical' to make it productive.

Well, that's no longer true. There is now a cost-effective system that will transform that unused land into productive fields of food, and that system could soon be in your hands.

I have developed the Instant Organic Farm System specifically for marginal lands, so it really doesn't matter if the soil on your land is poor now - that's about to change. So imagine yourself picking truckloads of fresh vegetables and fruits from your land very soon. I have done it, and so will you. The real question is, are you ready for that kind of success? Can you deal with mountains of food? Think I'm kidding? Check this out, the sandy Arizona desert in 2013, and notice how poor the soil is around me...

Melon-Squash Harvest

My Instant Organic Farm system has been developed by many years of experimentation, and I may continue to add new techniques to it. So please feel free to look in the 'DVD Updates' section to see if there is anything new since the DVD was published. There is already something there for you, so please check it out.

Full year guarantee: The Instant Organic Farm system really does work, so please give it a fair try. I offer a full 365-day unconditional money-back guarantee on this DVD, so take your time and see what this unique growing system can do for your land and for you. DVD details here.

I also offer a full refund of the cost of the DVD if you succeed! That's right, if you are among the first 20 people who buy this DVD and create an organic farm* or garden* using my system, I will refund the cost of the DVD, if you send me photos of your project's creation and the results which I can use on my web site. Your success will inspire others to create their own organic farms and gardens, and I want to reward you for making your achievement known to others. Details here.

You don't need a 'green thumb' to be a successful organic farmer or gardener, you just need the right system, and now you can have it. My thumbs are not especially green - they probably look just like yours - but look at the photos above. I have not done any magic, I just used my proven system. I have done all the hard work for you over many years, to develop a system that grows an astounding amount of excellent vegetables and fruits on even the poorest soil. So you will succeed, I promise you.

I raise a toast to you (with my carrot): To your success!

Martin J Adams


*Minimum area: 5000 sq. ft. or 1/8 acre planted.

 This web site is now the home of a new instructional DVD which will guide you step by step to turn your barren backyard or field into a fertile garden or farm, with a minimum amount of labor, materials and expense.

Watch an informative video about the DVD here.

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