If you are among the first 20 people to buy the DVD described on this web site who also create an Instant Organic Farm or Garden* using the system described on my DVD, you will receive a full refund on the cost of the DVD, if you send me photos of your project for this web site.

That's right, I will refund your money (minus shipping) if you help me show others that this system really works. Just follow the easy steps shown in the DVD video to create your own Instant Organic Farm or Garden*, take photos of all phases of the creation of your project, and send me at least twenty (20) of the best photos (you can send more, I will pick the best 20). I will post your photos here, with your descriptions, and your project will inspire others to do what you did. By submitting your photos, you agree to let me post them here and to use them for promotional purposes. Show your friends and the world your amazing farm or garden, and you creating it!
*Minimum area: 5000 sq. ft. or 1/8 acre planted.

Here's how easy it is:

Take photos (minimum 3MP camera) of the following stages in the creation of your farm or garden: [Hints: 1. Stand in the same place each time and point the camera in the same direction, or use a tripod; 2. Include people in the photos to show viewers the scale; 3. Show people doing something, not just looking at the camera; 4. Hold the camera steady or use a tripod. Blurry photos not accepted.]

1. Your land before you start the IOF System. (2 photos minimum)

2. Each step in the IOF System (10 photos minimum)

3. After one month or when plants are half grown (2 photos minimum)

4. When plants are mature and being harvested (6 photos minimum), plus the piles of food after harvesting.

Then write a brief description of your project. Include things like what previous experience you had growing food (if any), the kind of soil you started with, the type of weather, challenges you faced while creating your farm or garden, how you solved those problems, experiments you did and their results, tips and suggestions for other growers. Your words will inspire others to embark on their own food-growing adventure.

Copy your photos and text description to an SD or micro SD memory card or to a USB thumb drive and send to the return address on your DVD envelope. I will copy your materials and return your card or drive. If your photos and description fulfill the above requirements, I will refund the price you paid for the DVD (minus shipping) via PayPal.

Why am I giving you your money back? That's easy, I want you to succeed. And I want to give you some incentive to try this system out. And, I want you to help me show others that the Instant Organic Farm System works better than you or they ever imagined. You see, I know how well my system works - you're going to grow so much food, you will be finding all kinds of ways to use it. I want people to see that anybody can grow mountains of delicious organic food, not only experienced organic farmers like myself. You can help me do that. I will be extremely grateful, so I'm offering you a refund on your purchase.


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