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How to Create an Instant Organic Farm or Garden how-to training DVD is now available from this web site. This DVD teaches methods that are unconventional and unavailable elsewhere. Here's why...

At a time when food prices are skyrocketing and our society is vulnerable to disruptions in our food supply, more people are turning to growing their own. The problem is, many people have no experience with growing food, and more importantly, the land they have is unfit for agriculture.

Excellent books on gardening and farming are available, but most agree that crops only grow well in fertile soil, and that it can take years to develop soil fertility enough to produce a decent harvest. This problem - poor soil - has kept many people away from growing their own food.

Well, not any more! Get your shovel and rake ready for the Instant Organic Farm System, developed specifically for marginal, non-productive lands, and for novice growers. Forget everything you think you know about organic food growing. This revolutionary system can take your poor land from barren to a field of green crops growing in as little as a single day. I've done it, and I will show you how.

You might be thinking, "That's impossible!", and using conventional methods, you'd be right!

Hi, I'm Martin Adams. I've been experimenting with UNconventional food-growing techniques for 45 years. I stumbled upon this amazing food-growing system 20 years ago on the island of Cyprus, where I was creating an ecology center. In the following photos, the 'Control' Spinach was planted by seed in the soil I found in the field, the Experiment was grown in the same soil after my method was applied.

Spinach Experiment

I did the same experiment with Peas...

Pea Experiment

Both of these results need some explaining. Not only were the Spinach leaves a foot long, compared to the tiny Control leaves, the plants were huge. The Control Pea plants were also unbelievably small, with only two or maximum three pods each, and each pod had only three or four peas. The Experiment Pea plants were huge, with dozens of pods each and up to seven peas in each pod. It gets better. Check out my final pea pods: 9 peas!

Pea Pod final

I've been improving this system ever since. In 2013, I grew about 4000 pounds of organic vegetables in the infertile sandy soil of the Arizona desert. Check this out...

Melon Harvest

Look at the bare soil next to me, it's not fertile, in fact it's sandy, rocky and contains no humus (organic matter). But look at what I'm harvesting.

Pumpkin Harvest

Same field, same poor soil, and look at the goodies! These are not Halloween pumpkins, these are the finest heirloom ones for making pie.

Harvest Table

Notice that there are none of the above melons or pumpkins in this photo. That's because I was harvesting hundreds of pounds of many kind of veggies every week. Are you ready to do this?

I'm so sure that my Instant Organic Farm System will transform your land, no matter how poor, that I offer a 365-day, money-back guarantee on my DVD. So you have a full year to give my system a fair try, with no risk. If I grew food in the sandy Arizona desert, imagine what you will do.

If you want to give my Instant Organic Farm System a try, click here.

Now imagine what we all could do to fix our global food problems. We face a worldwide food shortage, partly because population grows faster than our ability to produce more food. Climate and other natural and man-made factors will continue to affect harvests, so what can we do?

The solution is not new technology, but rather the conversion of non-producing, marginal lands into organic farms, using the Instant Organic Farm System which uses existing technologies and resources more efficiently.

Marginal lands account for thousands of square miles worldwide which could be transformed rapidly into food-producing farms. What are we waiting for?

Become part of the food solution by transforming your land into a productive organic farm or garden. My DVD takes you step-by-step from planning your project and what you will need to harvesting the well-deserved fruits of your labors. You have a full year to try it out, without risk, so why not see for yourself just how much food you can grow on that land you thought was unfit for farming. Ready?

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